COVID-19 Update

First and foremost, we hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy.

The Medfirst Medical team is taking COVID-19 very seriously as you might expect with us being a medical clinic.

We are sanitizing our offices multiple times per day and our staff is abiding by all safety precautions.

Please feel confident in visiting our offices.

We’re here to serve Raleigh’s resident’s medical needs whether they is a pandemic going on or not!

We Are Not Testing or Treating COVID-19 Patients

We do not test for COVID-19.

We do not treat COVID-19.

We have applied to be able to administer the vaccine.

Our facility is not set up to meet the requirements of the care required for COVID-19 patients.  We do not have adequate space to isolate those infected.  Thank you for understanding.

Our Downtown Raleigh Location Is Now Closed

Unfortunately, we have decided to close our Downtown Raleigh, NC urgent care locationAll patients will now be seen at our Raleigh Beltline location.

Officially, as of Nov. 25th, 2021, our Downtown Raleigh location will close and MEDFIRST Medical Center will proudly continue to offer medical care to the citizens of Raleigh at our Capital Blvd. location.

Directions to the Open MEDFIRST Medical Center